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All about Warranty...

To avoid any confusion about where you can take your vehicle for service and repair while your vehicle is still under it's 3 year manufacturer's warranty, we have summarised below, as it can often be confusing, if not a little misleading.

Servicing by Mastora does NOT affect your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.  As a result of the Block Exemption Rule introduced in 2003, Land Rover owners are no longer required to have their vehicle serviced by a Main Dealership. This helps keep repair costs down, supports local businesses and gives you, the Customer, the choice of where to take your vehicle. 

All vehicles covered by a Land Rover 5 year extended warranty (or any other third party warranty) can be authorised and repaired by Mastora. Should anything go wrong with your new Land Rover (recalls etc) while still under the 3 year manufacturer's warranty it would have to go back to your nearest local main dealer. 


All vehicles still under the 3 year manufacturer’s warranty are serviced using only Genuine Land Rover parts. We offer big savings on Main Dealer pricing without compromising on quality. Only Genuine and OEM Land Rover parts and manufacturer’s recommended oils and lubricants are used when servicing and repairing your vehicle.

We look forward to welcoming you and your Land Rover.

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